'Noah's Ark' now open for booking !!

A replica of Noah’s Ark, built by businessman Johan Huibers, in Holland
A replica of Noah’s Ark, built by businessman Johan Huibers, in Holland

Many people fear that the world is coming to an end following the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe in Japan.

Amidst the panic around the world, a new 'Noah's Ark' has been secretly built in Tibet, according to media reports in China.

An article, titled "Tickets of Tibet Noah's Ark are being sold", was posted on Sina'sweibo recently.

According to the person reportedly in charge, people should start selling their properties and collect enough money for the ticket by next year.

"Noah's Ark is now open for booking ," he said.
Ticket of the Tibet Noah's Ark
Ticket of the Tibet Noah's Ark

He claimed that the Chinese government was also building its own 'Noah's Ark,' but it was only meant for the VIPs and outstanding figures.

According to the article, a ticket to the vessel would cost 1bil yuan (RM464mil).

"Ours is for the laymen and each ticket costs only 1mil yuan (RM464,100)," he told reporters in a phone interview.

He also claimed that the Noah's Ark would start its maiden sail by April or May next year.

Some netizens, however, clarified the rumours, saying they have seen the same article on other sites since July, last year.

Social Science expert in Shanghai, Prof Zhang Jiehai, condemned the article as "ridiculously irresponsible and baseless."

He believed that more such rumours would surface soon.

Source: Agencies
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