Malaysia's first 3D film !!!

Sarawakian-born filmmaker Bjarne Wong (Sayang You Can Dance) is taking the commercial route with his upcoming horror project - The Hunter 3D.
Not only is it in 3D, it's also a joint production between China, Taiwan and Malaysia and has a healthy budget of RM6 million.
The joint production also means it features actors from China and Taiwan - Lou Qi and Tavani Hu respectively - with distribution targetted at the two Chinese territories, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, India and the Phillippines.
The rest of the cast includes Malaysian talents such as Carmen Soo, Sharifah Amani, Cindy Chen, Isaac Ong, Smith Wong and Singapore-based Malaysian actress Koe Yeet.
Principal photography is set to take place in Malaysia and China starting in May and is expected to end in early June.
The Hunter 3D is expected to be unleashed in cinemas by the end of the year and is produced by Asia Entertainment Media.

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