Disfigured dog put to sleep after cancerous growth

Wander, the dog that made headlines in Singapore after it was severely abused with a metal chain - leaving its face disfigured, has been put down.

The female mongrel's condition had deteriorated drastically due to a "cancer growth which is derived from the inflammation of her injuries" according to Lyn Loh, a volunteer at Mdm Wong's Shelter.

Wander hasn't been eating and was down to her skin and bones. The growth on her face was so aggressive that her both eyes had been swollen shut.

"There is no quality of life left for her and we've had to make the painful decision to end her suffering," she added on Mdm Wong's Shelter's Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mdm-Wongs-Shelter/312804877843).

Wander had been housed at the shelter since early January after being rescued by good Samaritans.

The dog was allegedly abused by a China foreign worker according to a report on citizen journalism portal Stomp.

Photos courtesy of The Straits Times
Source: The Straits Times/ANN
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