57kg toddler

A three-year-old toddler in China faces a short and miserable life as food is the only thing he lives for.
The three-year-old, Lu Hao, weighs a whopping 57kgs - five times the weight of boys his age.

He throw tantrums when he is not given his third or fourth serving of dinner of ribs and rice, reported The Sun.

As a result of his overeating, he gets short of breath on the slightest effort.

Doctors say he is in danger of joint damage, high blood pressure, heart trouble and diabetes, if he hasn't developed these complications already.

The parents can't make the giant toddler diet because they are scared of him.

He has been banned from nursery for fear he might be a danger to other children, and usually plays alone at home.

Source: The Sun
Images: The Sun
ps : 'diet....diet'