Father drives kids into freezing river

It was like a scene right out of an Eminem song.

A father in the United Kingdom has been accused of driving two of his children into a freezing river, killing one, reported The Daily Mail.

But first, he told their mother, "You’ve got ten seconds to say goodbye to your kids and then they are dead."

Christopher Grady said this after turning up at Kim Smith’s door with Ryan, six, and Gabrielle, five, in the car.

Smith frantically tried to get them out but Grady sped off right into the river with the children screaming in the back seat.

Ryan was rescued, but Gabrielle was pronounced dead in hospital after firemen fought for two hours to rescue her from the sinking car.

Grady, a self-employed welder and blacksmith, who was separated from Smith, 39, had been arguing with her about seeing the children.

He was alleged to have previously told her, "If I can’t have them, you can’t."

Grady, who was arrested at the scene, allegedly told a paramedic: "I’ve killed my kids... what have I done... I want to die.

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