Alien invasion hoax fooled British MoD

A UFO hoax by a group of students had fooled the Britain Ministry of Defence.

The famous 1967 incident saw the ministry mobilising its army, police and other related squads to meet the "alien invasion" threat, a book revealed.

The team went into action after an influx of calls from the public reporting the discovery of six small "flying saucers" in locations across southern England.

The hoax was only uncovered when a disposal squad conducted checks on one of the objects, using X-ray.
A new book, written by John Keeling, eveals in unprecedented detail how it duped the highest echelons of Whitehall.

The hoax was created by a group of apprentices and students from the Royal Aircraft Establishment and the nearby Farnborough technical college, who made the crafts with shiny plastic pods to make them look like gigantic fried eggs.

"It was the most effective and elaborate flying saucer hoax ever perpetrated in the world," says Keeling. "And the hoaxers did it all for £30."

The Whitehall papers released at the National Archives show that the hoax was regarded at the MoD as an "obviously very successful practical joke".

Source : Agency

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